a so called Travelers Advantage promotes all these SAVINGS! Entice you with major Advantage, but in order 2 receive sed Savings You must enroll with automatic e.f.t.

from your checking in order 2 be available 2 the client without ever being qualified for initial intent of use! You ask them verbal, & written to discontinue their charges because they suck & continue to Take Advantage of your account by charging up fee's the whole time while specifically not to take Your $$ somehow the written request gets lost, or never received!

Therefore taking ur bank acct. Into oblivion of charges!!

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I was wondering if it worked out for you and if they did officially cancel your account nimac4116. I did the same today and also received a cancellation number and I hope that they will not charge me.


I'm waiting to see my next credit card bill. I just canceled and they told me that my last charge will be March. I'm keeping my fingers crossed before I cancel my card.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #123413

I just received a form from the california Department of Justice Consumer Law section. Fill out these forms or request one at 619 645-2541.


I signed with these fast talkers while renting a Budget car. I thought it was a promo through Budget.

Unfortunately, right after signing with them I googled them and then learned it was all a scam. I called to cancel 2 minutes later, but I was not yet in the system. I am officially in the system today (3 days later) and have called to cancel. I have received a cancellation confirmation number.

I haven't used their services and will hopefully only be billed $1.00 due to the "trial period." I'm just concerned that they will continue to charge me, despite having a cancellation confirmation. My boyfriend says I should avoid any problems and just cancel my credit card so they can't bill me in the future.

I don't know whether to do that and go through the hassle of canceling my credit card, or if I should *trust* that they will not bill me. Suggestions?

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