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My name is Verlena ,and i was a customer with travelers&shoppers advantage.I never used my memberdhip card for any discounts on trips hotels neither did i order any magazines.So in March i decided to cancel my membership, becuase i figured that it was a waist of money to keep paying

$14.99 a month.

They gave me the run around about a cancelation code that i did not know that i needed to keep.

For me to use just in case they continued taking my money.This company did not explain to me that i would be getting billed.Two different seperate bills twice a month for both services.They were taking two installments in payments of $14.99 a month from my account.They continued taking money from my account after i cancelled my memebership all the way until the end of june.The manager told me to mail,and fax my bank statements also the cancelation code #.To the fax support.and company it has been a week every since i took upon these actions.There has been no respond from them yet.

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They ripped me off too.since febuary asked them to cancel now june and they won't stop.could someone foward this to a higher authority.this is ridiculous.I sure will those bastards.they will pay in the fires of ***


I to am a member with travelers advantage.I was going to cancel my membership yesterday and did not do it.they said they will send me a 100.00 gift card to use for groceries or gas.I can also look online and find restaurants in my area that will give me a discount by using the card.


i have never heard of this company or entything.... never seen tha site im oblivious to this company an yet i have a charge for 19.99 on my debit car... im furious wat can i do?


I got caught in this when I booked a room on line at super eight. I can't beleive a company like super eight would be involved with this. I guess they won't have the light on for me any more.


Hollllly Cow, i was literally seconds away of giving my whole information to these guys.

They were offering me $40 Gasoline credit, which i thought was super cool, and a one month trail period, for which i will be billed only a $1. So i caved, gave my First name, Last name, Address, and while i was about to give my credit card information, i literally stopped after using the first 2 digits of my debit card number.

Because while she was taking my account information, i decided to google "Travelers advantage scams" and i read all these helpful reviews by dissatisfied customers.

So while the Tele sales lady kept insisting "Can you please provide me the 16 digit account number" i stopped, i told her, to get me out of this service, and take my name of ur list, because i was not interested.

She got so tight, she hung up that same second.

YOU GUYS are awesome...Thanks a ton for keeping me in check.

I knew there was something more to this SCAM...

You guys are the greatest. Now i feel like helping others out as well.

It's people like you who have made this forum and our Country USA the greatest country int the world.

God bless all you guys.


I cancelled this piece of a *** service of two years ago, I looked at my account today and the bastards took 245.00 out of my account. If I dont get my money back I promise they will have a lawsuit coming their way!


This has happened to me as well. When booking with Days Inn, I agreed to a 30 trial with Travelers Advantage.

Cost was one dollar. I cancelled within the 30 days. I continued to get a 15.99 (TLG shopper) charge on my credit card number. I was told this is because I only cancelled wtih Travelers advantage and not the sister company Shoppers Advantage.

I called Shoppers Advantage to cancel and the rep did this quickly but hung up on me when I demanded that it be cancelled retro to Aug 09. I called back and spoke with a supervisor and was told that she could only cancel 4 of the charges. I told her that I was calling the federal trade commision and wanted the Companys full name and address. She gave me the name of Affnion Group, PO Dox 6100, Westerville, OB 43080.

The related companies are Travelers Advantage and Shoppers Advantage.

In closing, she then told me that I would received a full refund (8 charges) in 4 days. Hopefully this will happen.


I recently rented a car and needed to cancel out the insurance.When I called I was given this website to ask for a refund.


I am another person ripped off by Travelers Advantage. What I can't understand is how they are still in business if they continue to do this to people.

I cancelled a long time ago and just realized that they are still taking this 14.99 out of our account. I feel they need to pay me back the money since I cancelled.

They record your conversation for quality assurance, wonder if they would have that conversation. Really irritated.


i was offered this travlers advatange when renting a car for budget,for a $1.00 i cancelled it two weeks after in them bastered took 15.99 out in so pissed rite now....cant call till mon!!!!!!


i am a telemarketer for travelers/shoppers advantage... and its horrible...

i hate doing this to people, but it was the only place hiring in my little town. it makes me feel like a crook. i am a softspoken 18 year old girl...

and this is just not for me. not for anyone.


Holy sh*t!!! Thank goodness!!!

They almost got me when I both some tickets at and transfered me to a company called Travelers Advantage and gave me the number 1 800 548 1116. They offered $1.00 trial for a month. When tele sales guy kept on moving on to get some information of me so quickly, I thought to myself that I should research on this 1st on the net, while I talked on the phone. I gave him my name and number and almost about to give him my Debit card # while Googling some info about this company.

I type in Travelers Advantage scam and there it was this site save me by da bell. I almost gave him every information b/c of such a great deal to have a $40 discount on the tickets i just purchased. Well its to good to be true. After that I called up ticketmaster and brought them to their attention what was going on.

Hopefully ticketmaster will stop making business with Travalers Advantage POS(PEICE OF SCAM)(PEICE OF SH*T). BY THE WAY, TNX A BUNCH FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES AND INFORMATION PEOPLE!!!

WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME TEAM, NOT TO EVER GET SCAM!!! F Y (FORGET YOU)(guess what other words you can say to this company?)TRAVELERS ADVANTAGE!!!


When I signed up with them, I had no idea they were signing me up for shoppers advantage and travelers advantage. I canceled shoppers advantage and they charged my card for travelers advantage.

@55holes! Will credit card company really refund charge?


This is a total rip off it should be named Taken advantage of since this is what they do.


I think it's funny that Orbitz pops up when I put that "travel deals are scams."


Yep. I was on with Ticketmaster and I didn't even buy anything, they sent me to this company.

I was also on with a sweet young girl...but I googled them and found this. Plus, generally, pretty much all travel deals are scams.


While I was on the phone renting a truck, they transfered me to a rep for a free gas card. Then Travelers Advantage picked up and said they would give me TWO cards, totaling $40...just for paying $1 on a 60day trial.

So im in front of my computer and as she goes on and on reading her script...I quickly Google them-----Glad I Googled this company and fournd this post!

When she asked "why?" I told her "I am sitting here reading reviews about how bad your company is and how they continue to draw money out of accounts even when cancled..."

Hahah...she was a sweet young girl and just doing her job, but I wont fall for the company scam today!!!


Call your credit card company. They are aware of this ripoff company and will refund the money to you in addition to stopping future charges.

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