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We signed up for travelers advantage when my mom and I were booking a room with Days Inn. I specifically told them I did not want to be signed up for anything other than Travelers Advantage. We were told that when we checked in at the Days Inn, we would be given $60 for the gas, and at each hotel we went to after that for our road trip we would also receive $60. When we got to our first hotel, they told us we needed to mail in the information we receive in the mail from Travelers Advantage and then we'd get $60.

We called Travelers Advantage after not receiving anything in the mail and they sent us a packet. We didn't send it in right away, that is our fault. But when I looked at my account it showed that we had been automatically signed up for Shoppers Advantage, something we did not authorize. We called to cancel right away. The agent asked me if I wanted to get Shoppers Advantage catalog, and told him absolutely not, that I did not want to be a member of either Travelers or Shoppers Advantage anymore. It's been 3 months, and we're still getting billed.

I called my bank and told them what was going on and we actually had to cancel the card. We're going to file a complaint and get a refund for those months. We are going to take this as far as we can and I encourage everyone to, this should not be acceptable.

I had to call and speak with a supervisor and I think I got her attention by asking for her full name, and employee ID. I told her to cancel the membership and I didn't want it in the first place, she got a little attitude and said "Ma'am if we don't receive a positive feedback we do not sign anyone up" even though I specifically said not to be signed up for anything else.

I got a cancellation number for both memberships, and she said she'll credit 2 months worth of billing to my account.

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Ok what everyone needs to do is 1) ask when where you last charged 2) tell them I do not want the service. That you don't care if I have paid for a month of service.

Make sure you say cancel cancel cancel. I have worked for a retention company and their job is to be slick about keeping you a member. Ask for cancellation number and don't be surprised if you don't get a refund because chances are no one else but you signed up for the membership and you just forgot about until you looked at your bill and realized $16.99 has been coming out. It probably left many of you negative in your account for you to realize this charge.

So just cancel the membership, forget about the refund that you think you are going to get back then you build your self a bridge get over it and be smart about not signing up for things you don't use. You all have a great day.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #747848

Cancelled my membership 2 weeks after signing up. Just realized I have been charged for 4 months.

Forgot which card was being charged so was checking the wrong card. NOw I will have to try and get a refund.


I too was billed for an unauthorized enrollment in "TLG Shoppers Advantage" (TLGSA), for 2 f***in' years, after I had cancelled a "Travellers Advantage" (TA) account just a few days after my initial enrollment in that.

I too never received any services or enrollment information from TLGSA.

When I finally noticed the charges, I called TLGSA customer service at the 800 # on my CC bill. They cancelled the "service", but only refunded 2 months of charges, and said I'd have to make a written request for the rest.

I also called the same TA # that I called 2 years ago to cancel. The TA rep. said TLGSA and TA are two separate "services" provided by the same company; He had access to account information for both TLGSA and TA.

Anyway, if it helps, here's the contact info that I got for TLG:

TLG Shoppers Advantage

Attn. Support Services

PO Box 6123

Westerville, OH 43086

Fax: 800 964 8115

Tel: 614 823 5161

My advice would be to first call TLGSA and ask them to reverse all unauthorized charges, and if that doesn't work, ask your credit card company to initiate a dispute and see what charges you can reverse that way.

FYI, Citibank reversed more than a year's worth of similar bad CC charges (for a cancelled gym membership). But BankOfAmerica said they could not automatically reverse more than about 4 months of the TLGSA charges.


I cancelled traveler's advantage about a year ago and had to argue with someone who didn't speak english very well for around 30 minutes. Finally they said they would cancel it.

I just viewed my online bank statement and there was a charge of 17.99.

What the ****! They will definitely be hearing from me.


I never received anything from shoppers advantage When I tried to cancel he wanted to give me another free 30 days and send me another package buy still it has not been received but I keep getting material from travelers adv which I did cancel. I'm about to check my cc statement now. This is ridiculous!!!!


I was told that Travellers Advantage was only available to me today, not tomorrow or any other day. That is enough to send me scampering in the opposite direction.


Okay but did anyone get their money back??? Please tell me. Tommyd1127@gmailcom


Okay so these people got me for 27 payments of 1299....number 1...where was my brain to let this go. Number 2....if I can meet these people....I swear id kick their monkey *** from ny to wilkersville ohio or whatevr the *** the town is


Cancelled over a year ago and now started finding that they once again started charging me when I started looking back at bank statements they started again 3 months ago. Keep an eye out for charges months after they stop billing.


I have their contact info:





does any body knows the phone number for this company for I can cancel with travelers advantage thank you.


thank u they are some crooks and sometimes cussing tham is the answer to getting your money bak!


thank u they are some crooks and sometimes cussing tham is the answer to getting your money bak!


I called an cancelled and they still charged me... They never sent me any materials or gave me a cancellation number.

Now I have to dispute the charge with my bank and keep calling them to refund my charge - AVOID THESE PEOPLE!!!


They Travelers Advantage and Shoppers Advantage got me for 16 months, all because they could not find me in their system under my name. You can't cancel if you don't give them a name that trhey can find in their system.I tried to go through their system using the credit card they were hitting me on every month, but their system wouldn't let it cross reference that way!

What a way to rob the unwitting! Beware, and it all happened following the rentalof a Budget rent-a-car last year. Then you call to complain, and they claim it is just a mistake, so it will probably come off of your card next month. Do not believe them if you get this reasoning.

Also, beware whenever you sign up for a car, or any services for that matter!!!! The name on my car rental application was correct, so how did the name on their applications be different? Their scam is to misspell the first "two" letters of your last name so the person looking in their computer system cannot find your account to cancel. After several minutes on the phone then being placed on hold for many more, you think ou are getting a bit of satisfaction by hanging up on the incompetance!

Boy oh boy, what a good scam.

I think we honest people are surely in the wrong business! I think I'm going to start "Itsonlyyourmoney Advantage"




Wow, I am surprised.

I only use Travlers Advantage when I travel. I use for air-hotel-and car. I always send in my receipts upon return and get my 5% back within 2 weeks.

No, I do not work for this company, I am just one satisfied customer.


The company is a sham. I had the same experience. I sent the acceptance form in with the sticker attached for the "free DVD player". After 7 weeks I inquired and was told the player was processed in their system on August 10 and it should be arriving this week. Never came. I called again after 10 days and now they said that they never even received my form and they will send another. I told them it's impossible they received my acceptance form and not the dvd form, they were on the same form. I decided to call back and speak to another rep. This time the rep did acknowledge the Aug 10 date, however then she put me on hold, went to speak to somebody and then came back and told me, no they have no record of receiving my form. I asked what about Aug 10, you just told me, she said I don't know anything about that, she spoke to the person who first told me Aug 10 and he made a mistake, and that all they can do is send me another form (right, so I can wait another 2 months and go through the same BS again).

This company is simply a waste of time.



Noticed a 12.99 charge on account that I did not recignize from TRVLADY called bank and was told it was travalers advantage turned out they hit my acccount 41 TIMES for the $12.99 said I signed up at a ramada inn? WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS.

Asked for a full refund $532.00 hope they refuse would love to sue these guys. It only takes a form and $15.00 to file in small claims court if they rip u off go get em.


Thanks everyone for the information, because I too was getting ready to signup but spoke to a rep who when I was asking questions and concerns suggested that I go to their website but God is good because I found this website instead!!!! I will buy my own DVD and be happier with my bank account :)

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