I was refered to Travelers Advantage through Super 8 Hotels and took the bait. After not recieveing any of the fuel vouchers or refund I got online and came upon this site.

Seeing the horrific amount of complaints I immidiately cancelled my service. I was told that my account had only been charged the 1.00 initial fee and they gave me a cancelation number and told me that was all my account would be charged. I thought I had gotten away just in time and not get shafted as others have. I was wrong.

I was charged 16.95 this morning and not having it in checking I now have overdraft fee as well.

I immidiately called them and they have no record of my my cancelation, phone call and said they would give me another cancelation number and assured me there would be no future charges. I am afraid I am another victim of Travelers Advantage and I hope I am not here posting again next month after they charge me again and give me another cancelation number and .......................

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They got me too.

Waddell, Arizona, United States #251333

Be sure and call them to get the number for Shoppers Advantage, as they are sister company. Travelers will not tell you when you cancel you have to cancel with them too.

Make sure you get confirm number and names from both companies, make them spell their names too for the record. If you feel you are not getting anywhere, request to speak to someone in the United States. I have another post reqarding such info, and by law they have to transfer you. It takes a few minutes to get transferred though.

Also, as I noted in another comment, my bank allows at no costs to inform them of a possible charge you do not want to credit off your account as long as they have not done so already, and it is at no costs.

If the charge has hit your account, go ahead and request for any future fees. Good luck.

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