Initially signed up to receive emails about travel specials and then began receiving $139.00 charge for the service.

Tried to no avail to find contact info to cancel service.

Received small postcard in mail with 1-800 number to cancel. Called number all day on several different days and no answer.

Cancelled my credit card and the Travelers Advantage company found an additional card to use to charge on.

Called and demanded money return and cancellation. Said there would be a two billing cycle before they could cancel and I would have accept less than amount because they prorate. Additionally, I would need to fax to a 900 number because they had proof of two phone calls that I had made to them requesting the service. I never made those calls, I actually called to cancel membership. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and am not going to pay.

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CANCEL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IMMEDIATELY!! These people r only out to get ur money!!! Trust me!!!


Just made a reservation on Siper 8. A chat board came in pushing Traveler's Advantage.

Going to get $30 back etc...Before I did anything, I googled and came across this Traveler's Advantage SCAM. Thanks to all...I'm not a member and never will be!


They got us via a Days Inn reservation we made. The Days Inn rep offered us $40 to do a 'secret shopper' type of thing.

We didn't realize they were actually signing us up for this BS. Fortunately I check my statements regularly. Saw the $1 "trial membership' charge today, called and cancelled immediately. Time will tell if it will actually stick.

I'll probably cancel my charge card, and definitely won't do business with Days Inn ever again. The best way to show your displeasure about this sort of underhanded activity is to hit 'em where it hurts - their profits


About a year ago they cancelled me cuz I did not make my deposit in time and showed insuff funds (was an $11.00/month membership). I called to check on a rate and was informed so I had to sign back up again.

For the longest time I was being billed my "normal" monthly amount for my "1" membership of $12.99 a month. Earlier this year I saw I was being double billed $29.92 from the same place labeled "Travel Advan" on my statements. I called in August to cancel all together. I have called now 3 months in a row and was told it showed as having 2 memberships and both cancelled, yet I am still being billed.

Now they say it cant be from them because they only bill in amounts ending in 00 or 99 cents. Now they want me to mail or fax my statements so they can investigate further and reimburse me if I am correct.

I wanna just cancel my bank account cuz I dont trust sending them my bank info. Any advice???


:cry :cry :cry


Sounds like AT&T

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