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When I booked my hotel with Wyndham and got the offer to try Traveler Advantage program. I remember the guy that I spoke to on the phone said that it only costs me $1 and I will get $25 American Express cash back. I can cancel my membership any time, if I don't like it, I can cancel it after the first month, and get $25, "You spent $1 to get $25, you'll earn $24, no hurt to try" .... Today I called up and cancel the membership after sending my request to get the Amex $25 cash back and cash back for my hotel reservation in Oct. The guy that I spoke to on the phone to cancel my account, he said I won't receive my cash back if I cancel my membership. He said "you have to stay an active member in order to get that cash back. It takes 4-6 weeks to process that cash back mails I sent to them". 4 to 6 weeks? That means I will have to spend $16.xx for the 2nd month? So, it turned out that I don't spend $1 to get $25 like the guy who offered me from the beginning. Isn't that the scam or fraud? He just tried to hook me in get my $1 and hide a lot of small details ...

They also automatically added me in the Traveler Shopper membership and $1 charge for the 1st month trial too. This is a surprise for me, they didn't tell me this from the beginning. I also called to cancel it, got transferred to different department, talked to different guy, after the Traveler Advantage membership cancellation. This guy apologized and tried to get me to stay and everything. He talked a lot even after I told him I can't trust the service anymore. I had to cut him off and tell him, i am tired with all these untrustworthy business, just cancel my membership and this is my lesson. I don't want to deal with these thing no more ...

They really can make money even it's just $1. Don't know how long their business can last if they keep trying to get little little $1 like this with really untrustworthy way of doing business.

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #1084734

I am a Travelers Advantage Member and also joined under the trial membership for $1.00 with the incentive being that I would get $50.00 back for my airlines reservations that were booked (this is where the offer came in). I did in fact receive 2 - $50 cash back rewards as I had 2 separate reservations.

I did cancel within the 30-days. I also rejoined due to they really have some awesome savings (I do pay $16.95/month for membership). I travel alot and also will be receiving 5% cashback for my airline tickets purchased in November and also December; also I get up to $50 back for luggage fees paid as well.

I did see that the airline was cheaper booking directly with them.

T.A. put me on hold when I made both reservations to verify the price I stated and they matched the airlines plus I am still eligible for the 5% cash back rebate.

So, for me, it has not been a scam at all.



we also took advantage of the "savings" and tried booking a room thru T.A. and was given a qoute of 125 a nite at hotel which my n~laws recently stayed at and only paid 88 a night.

So I called T.A. back and asked why it was more going thru them and they couldn't give me a straight answer of to why and that maybe I should just go ahead and book it thru the hotel front desk, which I did and told the hotel about my experience with T.A. so they actually gave me an additional discount just for the trouble and only ended up paying 75 a night...

thanx for nothing T.A. my cancelation call was just made...


Thanks for the warning!


I also was approached, I listened and decided this was not for me and that was it. From all the comments above, I realize that one person listened, agreed it was ideal for him and is very happy. The others figured it was not for them but agreed to join so they could SCAM the company and now they are all upset !!!!!l

Grow up and try honesty, it works a lot better.

DWP in Montreal, Canada


Yep,, did the exact same thing to me. Word for word !!!!


This is nothing but a SCAM. BEWARE. Even if they give you a cancellation number they keep charging your credit card under various names.

Palm Springs, California, United States #837662

ive been using travelers advantage for 2 months! traveled 3 places recieved over 150 back already i love them sorry u are sad u spent 1 dollar trying to get free money lol it saves alot of money if u use it right and travel !


You dumb ***! Haven't you learned by now that all that *** is a scam lol.

I work there hahaha! It's great fun scamming suckers like you all day lol!


Well to be honest not everyone has the same experience with these memberships all you people whant is free things if you would know more about the service and atleast take the opertunity to try it out for the trial period that they give you...you would see the time and money saveings it can get you its just mypoint of view

to young one Calimesa, California, United States #820748

You must work for the company...try spell check next time.


I'm so glad I found this site while the sales rep was on the phone with me. I called to schedule a car rental.

After I got my confirmation number for the rental, I was transferred to a Traveler's Advantage rep. She was very polite and explained the process. I told her that all I wanted to do was schedule a car rental and the next thing I know I am transferred to Traveler's Advantage. I asked if I needed to sign up for this program to get my rental.

She said no. This program would not benefit me.

So, I politely told the rep that I was not interested. I have my rental confirmation number, and that is all I want.

Fort Drum, New York, United States #809365

I recently was signed up for this after calling Super 8 motel to reserve a room. They then asked if I wanted to receive $10 cash back in the mail for using them to reserve the hotel.

After I said yes I was transferred to Wyndham rewards where they asked a bunch of questions and signed me up for these two services. I wrote down the numbers to cancel with and the date to cancel by as they told me. I also noticed that they repeated some information twice and made it seem like you were signing up for just the traveler's advantage service but the two "1-800" numbers they gave were different. I foun this site today just out of curiosity and see that others had the same issue.

I only knew I was signed up for the trial with TA but not the shopping one. When I dialed the second number I was put through to the shopping one and cancelled it as well. If ever asked to accept an offer or signup with Wyndham rewards or the traveler's advantage/Shoping advantage, DONT DO IT, IT's A SCAM!

the money they offer back takes 6-8 weeks to process, so essentially they are giving you the first month for free. "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

Duluth, Georgia, United States #801640

I signed up thinking it was a good deal on Dec 25th when I went to surprise my girlfriend. I did not receive anything and cancelled 3 weeks later (within the 30 days cancellation period).

I was hung up on when they were giving my cancellation number. I called back to get the rest of it. I received 2 more billings from the TRV SHOPPING.

Both of them I disputed with my credit card company and also called the group both times to stop billing me when I cancelled in January. If I get billed this month, it may be worth getting a lawyer involved and setting up a lawsuit against the company.


The SAME thing happened to me! I was making a reservation with Days Inn.

After everything was done they asked me if I was interested in receiving $40 cash back on my room. I said “Sure” She asked me to stay on the line and transferred me to Travelers Advantage. I was told if I signed up for just $1 to try the money savings program I could get a $40 mail in rebate for my room, and also $40 in gas savings. I could cancel at any time.

After 30 days they would charge my card $16 a month. I tried to back out at one point, but she completely got me with the “you can cancel at anytime” “take advantage of the savings” I went through with everything thinking “oh I’ll just cancel before the first month is charged”. When I got off the phone I had an uneasy feeling about it. I tried to call back to ask more questions like...

“How much does it cost to cancel” It was interesting to find out that no one knew what I was talking about. I spoke with several people who couldn’t answer my question; they would just transfer me over to the next person. I was on the phone for over an hour trying to figure out more information. That’s when I looked it up on the internet and found out it was a complete scam.

I immediately canceled my card so that no payments would be made. And I will NOT be staying at Days Inn for my vacation.

Stay away from anything related to Travelers Advantage.


1st. let me start by saying We and when I say WE I am an agent of Travelers Advantage also known as (Affinion) didn't automatically start you in ANYTHING, if you listen to the presentation you would know what you are signing up for there are things called "base sell" and "up sell" the base sell is the initial sell that we offer you, then we go on to offer you the "up sell" which is the final sell, yes they are two different services with two different offers, but if customers like yourself actually sit down and listen to the presentation and ask QUESTIONS, you would know what you are signing up for and all the terms and conditions, since the calls are recorded by LAW we are NOT required to give you FALSE INFORMATION!

to Affinion Agent #751581

*** YEAH YOU DID!!! Isn't it IRONIC that everyone has the same complaint....SCAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

to Affinion Agent #818094

wow ,,,, I was just offered a membership for free,,,just take it over with no obligation but to pay $ 379.00 a yr every august ,,,,,from an aquaintance I met thru an ad in newspaper . Yes !

It did sound too good to be true but I still thought I would check it out before I went with the gentleman today to the notary .Hmmmmm Affinion !! if you are a representation of the TA company ,,, I want no part of it . Your comment was very rude !! Everything you seeemed to explain above should have been that black and white to anyone that calls to ask questions.

NOT REQUIRED ???? of course your not lmao ... Ya'll just do what ever you have to do to get the customer to sign on the dotted line.I also used to sell packages and they were totally legit . But I NEVER spoke to a client or customer in that manner .You would get your walking papers if you worked where I did ..and rightfully so .

Good bye TA...

your "agent" (Affinion) helped me to make my decision of a big NO THANK YOU !

Florida City, Florida, United States #690463

I work for the company that sells Travelers Advantage, Affinion, and I am honestly shocked that this is what I am selling. I apologize to all of the people that I have ever enrolled.

Fairmont, Minnesota, United States #660107

I was offered the $1 membership and added the other membership...and have only paid out and not gotten any benefit...when i called to cancel I was told to go to a website to discover other offers at a discount...after seeing this info I called T A back and cancelled immediately...unfortunatly I paid for 6 months of nonuse before canceling!!! I thought I might be able to use it somehow...was I ever wrong!!


I received a long explanation of how this membership would benefit me. Signed up in July 2012 in Days Inn in Missouri.

I still haven't received my gift card of $40.

I was going to use it at this time, but after reading so many negative comments I am going to cancel my membership. Thanks for the heads up.

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