TLG came up as i tried to check mileage on US Air. The offer did in now way convey that they would use the credit card information used to purchase my tickets to bill me for yet unknown services. Nor was i made aware that I was being billed for anything.

After reading the reviews of others that were repeatedly billed, I have reported the card stolen to avoid wasting time trying to resolve this issue.

It is hard to believe our Government allows these practices. These people should be treated as they are in China. Public execution would stop these vermin.

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Checking my credit card,I have been billed $109.00,on 02/05/09.

I do not use advantage and do not use the internet.

How did this happen?

I am using my wife's email:retaj2@msn.com


:grin I am a travelers advantage customer and a frequent flyer of us air, which is where I signed up for the service and before your card is charged if you read in the fine print it does tell you that you will be charged for the service. There is a box to check if you do not want the service.

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