They mail you a check to your business for $9.95, looking like a typical customer payment from one of the online check writing facility. The check has a restrictive endorsement where you agree to charges to your credit card for Budget Car rental, who previously used your VISA card for a car rental.

How did Travel Advantage get my credit card information? They are owned by the same group as Budget car rentals.

I immediately put a credit hold on my VISA, never to do business with Budget again.

Case closed. Bye, bye Budget Car Rental!


Monetary Loss: $12.

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Sounds to me like they need to change their name to TravelersDisadvantage!


Anyone in this situation should call Freed & Weiss to join a building class action against the company behind this scam!

(It's pretty easy, just call them and tell them your story).

Here is the information Trilegiant is the company behind this abuse. They use bogus marketing tactics to get people to unknowingly sign up for memberships and then people are charged every month, again and again.

Call Freed & Weiss! Toll free: 866.799.9610. They need to hear from you so that they can move the class action forward and put a stop to this terrible customer abuse.

Email: info@freedweiss.com


These people are scamming folks every day. Knowing they accessed my bank account is very disturbing.

Stay away from any suspicious checks that look like a "rebate". Tell your friends.

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