I have been scammed by another company last year regarding free trial and they take your account number during sign-up. The TOS(who actually reads it word for word...?) was deceptive in the sense that they have written it to legally garner your money month after month short of cancelling your bank account. The bank I had and still have -spent 3 months helping me straighten it out. The only reason I had been refunded (in full) was b/c that company used a 3rd party complaints department who, in turn, promised me a refund. My banker was the one who handled the phone conversation for a refund. She was stern, concise and my proof. Legally, there is a fine line these companies use with their wording and they are protected. Besides, reaching them -literally- is a magicians masterpiece.

Re: Travellers Advantage Company

Today I received my notice for a free dvd player with the promise to use TA for 30 days. It came in an envelope from...guess who... MY bank. In the ad my bank said they had no affiliation with TA. This was at the end of the short letter.

I wondered when I would have to cancel so I would never have to pay and I could receive the item offered.(This IS their HOOK) My understanding was 30 days free then pay money on day 31, also, 30th day ok to cancel, pay nothing -30 days use of TA to receive item. With it all due -one way or the other- on the same 30 day I questioned the legitamacy of the offer and TA. Now my bank will hear from me for "not" endorsing a scam. lolol. I am considering changing banks after this smooth move.

TY consumers very much for taking time to voice your complaints! REH

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