After booking a rental car with Dollar Rent A Car I got reeled in to Travelers Advantage with their offers of "$40 of free gas" which, during the call got "upgraded to $50" and whatever other BS incentives they offer. During the call, the representative "Jaelyn" must have told me.., oh maybe 20-bajillion times that I could call to cancel my membership at ANY time. After one of these times I asked what number to call and he gave me the number 800-526-4848 (and then repeated the "you can call at aanny ti...."). At the time.. of course, it sounded splendid. Well...

Fast forward 3 days and I received an email from not only Travelers Advantage, but also from a "Shoppers Advantage" (tha fudgecake?!) each containing a different membership number. A quick check of the 'ol CC account and whad'ya know - 2 separate $1 charges. $%#@$^%-&^*&% with a side of $%^U^&(^* and a flying #@%&%^=&!!!!! - lets just say my suspicions were, *ahem* aroused. I immediately popped those names into the usually-trusty-if-taken-with-huge-bags-of-salt interwebs and found this site and the reviews/horror stories (including one user who lost $700!!! -- scarily, there could be higher losses, I only read about 4 reviews... -_-).

Not looking to be another victim, I immediately called up the number Jaelyn gave me and dialed an unholy combination of random numbers to skip the automated recordings and have my call directed to a living representative. Turns out: this number was for "Shoppers Advantage" (which remember, I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR NOR HAD EVER HEARD ABOUT) and according to the girl I spoke to (didn't get her name): "Is a completely different service I cannot help you with." Ai caramba..smh :-/ Anyways, after giving her my supposed membership number and letting her know "the company you work for" is scamming people left and right she was fairly quick in giving me a cancellation confirmation number for Shoppers Advantage and informing me that my card would not be charged again.

Next I called the number in the email I received for my Travelers Advantage membership. Surprisingly, there was no automated system on this # (800-648-4037). Instead, the phone was answered by a Hugo, who actually sounded American (the girl at Shoppers Adv. had what sounded like an Indian accent..). I quickly explained my situation and he actually seemed to understand me and my situation..at first anyways. After he saw I'd only signed up 3 days ago he started giving me usual BS about "exploring the benefits" for the rest of the duration of my trial membership to which I curtly said, "I understand you're doing your job Hugo, but seriously just cancel this, I'm all set." He provided me with a cancellation #, informed me that my card would not be charged again and "thanked" me for calling.

You'd think my troubles would be over but from reading other user's troubles with this disgraceful scam-operation I will be keeping a watchful eye on my CC account, not that I don't already as should every person who has a bank account should. If this review helps even one person then my work here is done. Good luck, be safe - it's brutal out there.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Reno, Nevada, United States #803900

I was just offered this and these reviews kept me from biting! Good job!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #756325

I also rented through Dollar Rental car in October and same thing happened to me! I usually don't use Dollar however they were the cheapest at the time. I can tell you this much they will not be getting my business ever again!


Exact same situation as described above and also got an unauthorized CC transaction. Luckily the fraud alert caught it and was able to decline and got a new CC. Hope there are no more surprises with this scam company.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #739461

omg I myself just found out that I had been charged for 2 accounts and I know I only signed up for one and cancelled the travelers advantage not even realizing until my account was over drawn, this co is a scammmmmmmmm 81 complaints I bet the next time days in or wyndam ask me to sign up for something it will be a cold day in h e ll hockeysticks

everyone be sure to check your cc statements this co signs you up for 1 service but really its 2 I noticed today they hit me with 2 1.00 chargesssssssssssss.


File claim with Better Business Bureau that's what I did! They had never been reported and I gut all my money they were taking out if my account without permission !!

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States #722293

Travelers Advantage

PO Box 6100

Westerville, OH 43086

Fax: 1-800-964-8115


To Whom It May Concern:

On June 4, 2013 I was scammed into thinking I was joining Travelers Advantage to receive a rebate and that I would be charged $16.99 per month if I didn't cancel before the month was over.

Unfortunately, I found myself in the middle of a scam that many have found themselves in. I've spoken with them. I canceled it on June 28, 2013. No point in explaining it because you already know what you've done.

I have been credited for the month of August. I was deceived and I expect that my July and September payments of $16.99 each, which were stolen from my Discover account be returned to my Discover account ASAP.

I am very sorry that you believe what you are doing is by any means acceptable or honest; it is not!

Denise Youpa

6519-84165908 Travelers Advantage

T13C49S7 cancellation code

to dee #742692

Did you get a refund from Travelers Advantage or did your Discover account payments get credited back to you?


have any more charges occurred?

Fairmont, Minnesota, United States #660112

After paying for BOTH memberships at $16.99/month for 6 months..(yes, that was ***!) ...I finally tried to cancel and was given the same treatment as the previous person...I appreciate this info and will certainly check out any other "offers" I receive!!!

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