I called and cancelled after 20 days. After thinking I had cancelled the lady said something to me about charging me $16.99 monthly.

I repeatedly told her I was calling to cancel but still wanted my check. Never got my check. I called again, and again was told I would be receiving my check in the mail. Never got the check.

Called again, this time a man told me I needed my itinerary from my flight to mail with a form. ????????? No one told me I needed a form or to keep my itinerary! I had thrown out my flight info after we came home from our trip.

Now he says they are sending out my form and I can use a copy of our bank records to show that I had paid for my flight. Don't think I will do that considering how dishonest they are.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You people are amazing. You complain because you try to cheat the company by cancelling 2 days after signing up, by collecting rebate and cancelling after $1 payment.

Now who is cheating who?

This has become a country of complainin entitles moochers. Grow up.

Lake Wales, Florida, United States #901551

Come on folks. All you have to do is call the toll free number and cancel before your 30 day trial is up.

They have to honor your request to cancel. I booked two round trips, signed up for TA, sent in my $50 rebate forms for BOTH flights, received a check for $100 60 days later. I am currently using TA and appreciate the benefits.

Well worth the $100 rebates.

to Anonymous Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States #926895

This comment is from the scammers themselves. I called multiple times, but my cancellation never went through

Kathmandu, Central Region, Uganda #878182

Florida, United States #876979

I was told it would cost $1.00 for a 30 day trial after the 30 days it would be $16.99 per month, I could cancel at any time for any reason. I was also told I would be emailed a $50.00 rebate form for the flight I had just booked and there would be an additional $50 rebate form in the package that is mailed to me.

I also would receive a $20.00 gas certificate. With airlines charging for everything except the air you breath (I'm sure they'll figure out how to do that) a $50 rebate sounds pretty good. Several days into this I have gotten NO email or package! Then I look on my card and see that I am billed $1.00 for each subscription.

I wasn't told that there was more than 1 subscription. Now it's not that $1.00 will make me poorer it's that I was lied to...I was told $1.00 for a 30 day trial of 1 company. So with that said how many other people pay the other $1.00 without the fight?

How much are they making on this scam $1.00 x 1000 people is $1000.00 the airlines books thousands and thousands of people this company is making out like a fat cat. I am turning them in to allegiant, the BBB and I'm doing a charge back with my bank I do hope the rest of you do the same remember it's not the dollar it's the scam


I signed up for the $1 expecting my rebate then cancelling. I cancelled then two months later see the same charge from "Shoppers Advantage". My recommendation is to spend your own $50 because you will end up spending more time and money trying to cancel the SCAM!

New York, New York, United States #872605

The same exact thing happened to me and they have the nerve to try to take another payment from me today.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #821195

I too was promised that I would receive a $50.00 from Allegiant flight but still have not gotten it. What I did get was two coupons for $50.00 my next flights.

I tried to cancel this service but they said it would be wrong to do so until June 19 when the membership is up.

I really don't need it and figured that I would cancel after the rebate came in. Well, I was taken, just as everyone else way, except for Lakeland /Florida below, Lucky them.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #808447

I got the first of my $50 rebate for the initial $1 enrollment today. It came in the form of a Chase check.

I too was not clear about instructions, I sent in the form w/o a copy of my Allegiant flight (which was on my email).

I understand my second rebate is in the processing.

. after I sent in a copy of my ticket . .

This was my first Allegiant flight.

It is an easy trek from Sanford to Springfield, Illinois, so I will be taking flight often.

Hang in there.

Lillian Blessing Lakeland Florida

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #804647

why are they still on the site for alligent airlines

to lorraine Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States #934376

The reason they are still on the site is because the New England owner of TA is a frat buddy of the Alligiant CEO. Come on yawl know how the wheels of business get greased,!

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